Our specialists with over 5 years of experience will help you to calculate anything from small pipeline assembly to multi-million piping projects, form simple “total delivery, total assembly” to multi structural calculations with all required (direct, indirect, variable, fixed) inherent costs required for successful accomplishment of the tendered project.
As we are able to supply or outsource any of the calculated material or the services, we can put the guarantee on our budgets in terms of costs, quality, and delivery time.


Our company can provide you technical advisory services with project specifications and documentation. Often merchandise available on the market does not meet the exact material requirements of your initial design.
In collaboration with our design engineering company, our specialist will help you make changes that ensure proper replacement, availability, and sometimes a significant reduction of end costs.


With our wide web of partners, we can globally source a supplier that will suit the most to your project requirements with regards to quantity, quality, market availability, and timely delivery.
We have partners that can react within very short notice to provide you the express material or service delivery.


In case of any extra requirements, our sub-contracted technicians can provide inspection, control, and testing of any provided material and service either on warehouses or assembly sites to assure you that we meet the highest quality standards.
Dimension control
Visual control, Ultrasonic and X-ray testing
Check of surface finish
Spectroscopic analysis of declared material grade
Strength, leakage, and functional tests


Our affiliate company can provide express factory or on-site:
Mechanical cleaning
Water pressure cleaning

We will gladly take on any challenge. In case of any inquiry